Peltzer Arbuckle

Peltzer is a mild mannered, quirky office worker, working in the customer services sector at the popular stationary company ‘Reams for Less’ in the town of Henenlotter.

Bullied by his office colleagues, tormented by his demanding boss, berated in the bedroom by his cheating nymphomaniac partner, and stuck in the friend-zone with his ex-girlfriend. Peltzer spends his days in misery and despair, deciding the only way to avenge himself, is by summoning his imaginary friend, Ronnie.

As Ronnie starts wreaking havoc and ruining Peltzer's life and relationships, he soon finds that the genie is out of the bottle, and no longer able to control his imaginary friend any longer. Peltzer must ultimately decide whether to run away from his past or take control of his future, as he battles between sanity and madness.


Played by Damian Morter

After Peltzer was beaten, tormented and molested by both the students and teachers, at the now defunct Henenlotter High School, he discovers an Ouija board in the recreation room of the school during his lunch break.

Peltzer inadvertently summons an entity known as Ronnie to wreak havoc at Henenlotter High. Forced to lurk in the background after Peltzer’s years of therapy and medication, he exists within the ether, waiting for the day to return and help Peltzer take control of his life once more.

As wise cracking as Freddy Krueger, and as twisted as Funny Man. Ronnie is Peltzer’s darkest secret, and once released onto the town of Henenlotter, this manipulative imaginary friend will teach the employees of ‘Reams for Less’, the fine art of his murderous and brutal showmanship.

Deetz Montgomery

Played by Dani Thompson

Working as Mr. Sawyer’s personal assistant at the corporate stationary company ‘Reams for Less’ and living a secret life of infidelity, unbeknownst to her current boyfriend Peltzer. Deetz manipulates her way through life with her cruel, twisted and wretched ways.

Living at the lavish Arbuckle Household with Peltzer, her primary selfish focus is to destroy his confidence and already tarnished belief structure, by berating him in the bedroom and humiliating him about his manhood.

Her nymphomaniac and abusive ways take their toll on Peltzer on a daily basis, as he vows to be true to his partner. Deetz continues to stab Peltzer in the back with her ongoing nightly romantic rendezvous with Mr. Sawyer.

Mr. Sawyer

Played by Vito Trigo

Mr. Sawyer is the controlling and demanding regional manager of the ‘Reams for Less’ stationary branch in the town of Henenlotter. Working daily weeding out the weakness of others, he gets off sadistically in the misfortune of his employees misfortunes.

Sawyer has no time for tardiness, and relishes to make examples of his employees through his sadistic bullying; he lives and breathes his creed and motto: “Pride in Paper”.

Exploiting the meek and gentle on a daily basis, he is set out to destroy Peltzer Arbuckle by taking away his happiness and dignity, by making his current girlfriend Deetz his own personal assistant, and taking full advantage of their turbulent relationship.

Stiles Rembrandt

The incomparable Stiles Rembrandt has it all, the looks, charm, fame and fortune, working within the corporate sector of ‘Reams for Less’, a suave and arrogant bully, currently dating Peltzer’s ex girlfriend Melissa Lee-Ray.

When Stiles discovers that Melissa and Peltzer once had a romantic past, he finds fondness in rubbing salt in Peltzer’s wounds, and takes his frustrations out on Melissa, once they reunite their friendship within the workplace.

Stiles makes it his mission to stamp out any rekindled friendship between them, and at the same time expose Peltzer’s unhinged past to the entire office.

Melissa Lee Ray

One time girlfriend of Peltzer Arbuckle, Melissa works alongside her ex-boyfriend at Reams for Less, a sweet, innocent woman with good morals.

Melissa broke off her relationship with Peltzer, three years ago, wanting to remain friends. Peltzer chose to distance himself away from his one true love, to get over his romantic feelings towards her.

After she breaks their three year silence in the workplace, she vows to rekindle and save her friendship with Peltzer, in the midst of her bi-polar and controlling relationship with the yuppie personified Stiles Rembrandt.

However once Stiles finds out about their newly revived friendship, Melissa tries to make their friendship work, and soon finds that she still harbours feelings for her ex boyfriend Peltzer Arbuckle.

Clyde Toulon

Spending the past ten years of his life working at Reams for Less, to provide and support his sick Mother, Clyde spends as many overtime hours as he can at the stationary company.

However no matter how much dedication he gives the company, his meek and gentle ways are exploited daily by his ever demanding boss Mr. Sawyer.

Living on a diet of roast beef and anti depressants, Clyde must find a way of making ends meet, before he meets his untimely end.

Terrance Parker

Played by Dan Palmer

One of Stiles Rembrandt manservant’s, Terrance Stone finds extreme gratification in the bullying and teasing of his fellow work colleagues, his most notable target being the weak Clyde Toulon.

Graduating from the fax division to the corporate sector of Reams for Less, he quickly impresses the managing directors by working copious amounts of overtime with his fellow life-mate Mikey Stone, they both quickly befriend each other and become the official lackey’s of Stiles Rembrandt.

Along with Mikey, they both set out to target the weak and insecure at ‘Reams for Less’, feeding Stiles Rembrandt with information regarding Peltzer and Melissa’s newly formed friendship, and their star-crossed past.

Mikey Stone

Played by David Curtis

Picked and chosen during the Reams for Less Christmas party by Stiles Rembrandt, to be his right hand man, along with Terrance Stone, they soon developed a close partnership.

Coming from an abusive family, Mikey has become everything he hated as a child, although he looks up to Stiles as a father figure, and follows his directions, to gain a higher level in the corporate sector of Reams for Less.

Mikey fails to keep up appearances and is forever walking on egg-shells, verging on a nervous breakdown. A wreck of his former-self, Mikey must find solace in the misery of others.

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